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At S.H.I.F.T. Event Rental we make it easy to execute your event’s vision with our ever expanding and customizable event inventory so you can focus on enjoying the event. We are a full-service event rental company, proudly serving North Carolina and available to provide rental deliveries nationwide. Our quality rental products and service will help you create the event that your guests will always remember! You can consider S.H.I.F.T Event Rentals an extension of your team.
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Honored to set the new standard for event rentals by creating a seamless process to go from event vision to execution of event rentals for our clients and fellow event professional partners.

S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals sets themselves apart for your average event rental company by continuing to build collaborative professional relationships with a wide variety of our fellow event professionals to grow an extensive collective of event partners. This allows us to offer options and extend a streamlined effort in meeting all things needed for our client’s custom requests & exceeding the needs for every rental booking.

We have a keen set of skills and experience in the industry as it relates to rentals & delivery logistics to allow us to maintain achieving the most desirable outcome of every event rental for our clients.


S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals’ mission is to be a one-stop shop event rental service provider. We put added focus on streamlining any rental services needed to bring the event’s vision to life. S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals' takes pride in contributing to a culture shift in the event rental industry.In a male dominated industry, we are driving more gender and racial diversification and representation into the event rental business industry at every tier.


              Terms & Conditions

              S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals Service Terms and Conditions

              Renter is fully responsible for equipment damaged, lost or stolen during the rental period.
              Renter agrees that equipment counts, as shown on the rental contract (invoice), are correct unless exceptions are specifically noted on receipt. Renter agrees to immediately report any shortages or breakage to S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals. Renter further agrees that all changes are subject to final count and inspection by S.H.I.FT. Event Rentals personnel.
              All rates quoted are based on a 24 hour rental period per item.
              All prices subject to change without notice.
              All rentals are subject to the terms conditions of the company’s Rental Contract.
              Delivery rates are based on first floor (ground floor) delivery to your door. Our personnel will neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient location. Delivery charges will be calculated based on the distance traveled and size of order. Special delivery fees apply to the time deliveries, long carries, multi-crew, multi-day, high-rise, after-hours, holiday and otherwise difficult installations. Additions to the orders that have already been delivered will be subject to normal delivery fees. On-site delays caused by clients will result in additional delivery fees. Like otherwise, equipment not ready at the scheduled pickup time will be subject to additional pick-up charges.
              A return trip charge will be made for each extra delivery or pick-up call required of us and caused by renter.
              Our equipment is charged for while out on rental, whether used or not. All rental orders within 30 days are final. No refunds.
              All equipment must be together and ready for pick-up or an extra labor charge will apply for any delay incurred.
              Rental charges for equipment, other than canopies, platforms and dance floors, do not include set up and teardown.

              Cancellation Policy

              When an order is placed with S.H.I.F.T Event Rentals, all equipment is reserved, prepared and hand packed. When cancellation occurs, these items are unavailable to other clients. All customers will provide a 35% - 50% non-refundable initial payment in order for S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals to reserve their order. Customers who cancel their order any time after the initial payment is made will lose their payment regardless of their circumstances or reason for cancellation.

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