Frequently Asked Questions.

We currently offer set-up and breakdown of our event rentals for an additional fee.

We currently do not have a minimum order amount however our delivery fee is based solely on several factors related to the event location and will be added to every booking in addition to the rental fee amount no matter the value of the rental.

There is no flat rate for delivery. Cost of delivery depends on any special needs and other contributing factors. We charge $4-$5 per mile for delivery from the warehouse with a minimum delivery charge of $50- $125 during peak season for rental delivery.

Additional delivery fees can apply for having to deliver at a specific time, for rental delivery being needed between the hours of 8pm and 9am, delivery requiring stairs, steep inclines, extended distances from vehicles, or for non-freight elevator deliveries.

We charge $3 per mile for delivery from the warehouse with a minimum delivery charge of $100 for purchased event inventory.

We allow for our clients to book up to 2 calendar years out. To secure desired rental inventory options for your event date, you should place your order as soon as you have completed the basic requirements to secure reserve your date, location, and items.

We require a 35-75% reservation fee to secure a rental booking date.

Yes, if an onsite visit consultation is needed, we will provide a site visit for a starting fee of $100 or more based on event location. We will finalize scheduling the time and date once payment is received for site visit. Once you finalize your rental booking with us, a credit in the amount of the site visit fee will be applied to your total booking cost before final payment is processed.

Yes! We are available to travel & deliver rentals nationwide, but please note that additional fees for labor & travel expense will apply to all non-local rental bookings.

Our rental rates listed are based on a 1 day rental booking (with a few inventory exceptions being rented for a per event rate). You are welcome to keep the rentals longer for an additional fee. We also offer weekly rental rates and monthly rental rates of inventory. All rentals must be kept indoors or under covered protection if kept longer than a 24 hr period unless rental items are meant for outside use. 

Rental Cost Breakdown:

1 Day = Rental Rate 

2 Days =2 x Rental Rate 

3 Days =3 x Rental Rate 

4 Days - 6 Days = 4 x Rental Rate

1 Week Rental = 4 x Rental Rate

1 Month = 4 x 1 Week Rental Rate

In addition to the rental rate, there are also charges added for: taxes, the delivery fees & the damage waiver applicable to each rental booking. When applicable: other fees that can apply are setup fees, labor fees, and strike fees & travel fees.

At this time, pick up of our rental inventory is not available.

Yes, our company is fully insured. All of our rental products are covered

Delivery times will be secured & added to the event schedule once final payment is received for your event rental booking. Your delivery can be expected to arrive within the time window that is included on the signed invoice. The standard fee for delivery service is based on the event location detail provided on the quote form. If you require delivery within a specific time frame, an additional “timed delivery” fee will apply. Our delivery service consists of delivering your rentals to a nearby ground level site, outside the rear of our truck. Any deliveries involving stairs, elevators, or pathways with large obstacles that could prevent easy access to the drop-off locations, or excessive distances from our truck will be billed at the rate of $100.00 an hour per delivery staff, at the discretion of the delivery driver. Deliveries with excessive distances or deliveries with set-up need to be scheduled in advance, not at the time of delivery. 

We will work with you in the event of unforeseen cancellations or harsh weather conditions. While all payments are nonrefundable, regardless of the reason. Clients are eligible to reschedule their booking with a full credit for up to 12 months from the original event date unless otherwise stated.We will be happy to move your rentals to your new event date or location, pending they are still available for this new date. If the location changes there may be an additional charge if the Delivery is further than the original Event Location.  If the rental items are not available for your new date we will accommodate you with a rental or rentals to fit your event design, and or guest needs. A rebooking processing  fee is also required once a new date is selected. Please be advised, clients are permitted to reschedule the event date once using a credit. After this, the client will forfeit credit and will have to restart the booking process.

All items will be checked over before we leave your delivery site. This is part of the White Glove service provided during delivery. If you have any issues with your rental order while your event is happening please contact our support team.

Our team will work to source and pinpoint additional rental items of interest. If there is something specific you are interested in you can complete the custom request rental form where you can upload an image of the interested rental or contact us directly. We are able to accommodate most requests if made a minimum of 30-60 days before the event date. If it's possible we will add it to our Inventory for you.

If you need to reduce your order prior to final payment, especially in regards to custom orders, furniture, or chairs, there is a restocking fee.This is due to the potential loss of business when we secure your rentals and take them out of our inventory for your event date. We have a minimum $50 Restocking Fee or 10% of the total Invoice that will be applied for all items reduced from booking.


              Terms & Conditions

              S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals Service Terms and Conditions

              Renter is fully responsible for equipment damaged, lost or stolen during the rental period.
              Renter agrees that equipment counts, as shown on the rental contract (invoice), are correct unless exceptions are specifically noted on receipt. Renter agrees to immediately report any shortages or breakage to S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals. Renter further agrees that all changes are subject to final count and inspection by S.H.I.FT. Event Rentals personnel.
              All rates quoted are based on a 24 hour rental period per item.
              All prices subject to change without notice.
              All rentals are subject to the terms conditions of the company’s Rental Contract.
              Delivery rates are based on first floor (ground floor) delivery to your door. Our personnel will neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient location. Delivery charges will be calculated based on the distance traveled and size of order. Special delivery fees apply to the time deliveries, long carries, multi-crew, multi-day, high-rise, after-hours, holiday and otherwise difficult installations. Additions to the orders that have already been delivered will be subject to normal delivery fees. On-site delays caused by clients will result in additional delivery fees. Like otherwise, equipment not ready at the scheduled pickup time will be subject to additional pick-up charges.
              A return trip charge will be made for each extra delivery or pick-up call required of us and caused by renter.
              Our equipment is charged for while out on rental, whether used or not. All rental orders within 30 days are final. No refunds.
              All equipment must be together and ready for pick-up or an extra labor charge will apply for any delay incurred.
              Rental charges for equipment, other than canopies, platforms and dance floors, do not include set up and teardown.

              Cancellation Policy

              When an order is placed with S.H.I.F.T Event Rentals, all equipment is reserved, prepared and hand packed. When cancellation occurs, these items are unavailable to other clients. All customers will provide a 35% - 50% non-refundable initial payment in order for S.H.I.F.T. Event Rentals to reserve their order. Customers who cancel their order any time after the initial payment is made will lose their payment regardless of their circumstances or reason for cancellation.

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